rankingCoach Takes on Technology for Marketing

rankingCoach Takes on Technology for Marketing

TFM in London was the best place to see the newest and top of the line marketing technology: with over 100 providers of technology for marketing present, making it the perfect place for our team to network. Networking wasn't the only thing they aimed for at the event, it was also a great place to inform others about the company itself. They shared rankingCoach’s vision for the future of online marketing, and how anyone can play a role.

Our marketing team and business experts really stood out at the event. They gave very welcomed input on many topics that were discussed by many of the thousands of attendees who had the chance to meet them. This was one of the best events for networking in this particular industry in the UK, leaving us with many new contacts and potential friends.

 Being at such a large conference there was a lot to take in, but in the end, it was an amazing event which we never wanted to end. It was also one of the nicest venues the city of London has to offer! The reaction from our team that went was extremely positive, and we look forward to going back next year to this wonderful conference.

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